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Chief Technologist Shoots With PODAS Attendees

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Claus Molgaard

In Phase One’s efforts to make PODAS a remarkable experience we decided that we should have our chief technologist Claus Molgaard participate.  The thought behind this was it would do both attendees and Phase One good.  The attendees benefit to be ale to talk to and have conversations with Claus.  Phase One benefits as Claus gets to see how Phase One systems are used in the field.  I know we learned a lot and that every day Claus was on email back to his team on things that could be improved or fixed.  But all would agree it was a darn nice pleasure to have Claus and his smile with us. He shot next to everyone and was always there with suggestions and a helping hand.  I don’t know of any other company that would send someone like Claus out to the field to see how the gear is actually be used.

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