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Photographing A Ghost Town

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day three PODAS065

Rhyolite Ghosts

On Wednesday Morning we decided to take a field trip with all five vans and everyone to Rhyolite an old ghost town outside of the park.  What a fun experience this was.  The area was large enough that the group spread out all over.  Everyone seeking their own shots.  The town consisted of old ruins and a mine. In addition a short trip down the road was an outdoor art museum with sculptures and all sorts of interesting objects to photograph.  Fun was had by all.  Before we left for the hotel we did a group shot shown on the previous post.

Now would be a good time to tell you that most of the images in this blog are documentary shots of the attendees and what we were photographing. After the event is over we will post images from all attendees on a gallery page.

The rest of the morning was FREE time to relax, work on images and get to know others.  As we move through this week it is really fun to see everyone getting a long so well and getting to know each other better.  Wednesday afternoon and evening will be a model shoot.  We want everyone to experience photographing people and we have four models that will joining us so we can photograph them in this great environment.

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One thought on “Photographing A Ghost Town

  1. They are truly beautiful photos and I would love to see more!

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