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A Fun, Informative Day and Some Great Photos

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day three PODAS162

Dawn at the Dunes

Tuesday begins with the alarm at 4AM.  By 4:45 everyone is at the vans and no one is complaining.  Maybe we are moving slow and not the most wide awake but everyone is excited about the shoot for the morning.  Once again the vans are off to different locations.  We have been rotating the instructors in and out of vans and attendees stay in the same van for the whole workshop.  Our van went to the Dunes this morning.  This is a massive area of sand dunes.  It takes around 20 minutes to get there and then another 30 minutes to trek out to a good spot.  It’s a hard walk in the soft sand and everyone starts to find their own spot.  It seems to take forever but the sun finally rises above the mountain range and lights the Dunes up in glorious warm light.  Photography is plentiful and it just feels good to be out there witnessing something so grand.


After a breakfast we were treated to a great program put on by Mark Dubovoy.  His lecture on technical cameras and the finer points of photography was inspiring and educatioal.. Mark’s method of presenting was incredible and everyone really enjoyed learning about technical cameras, optics, and swings and tilts. Thanks Mark!

After lunch Claus Molgaard made his presentation on Digital Imaging.  The audience was amazed by what he shared.  Claus is the person responsible for many of the innovations of Phase One and he educated everyone on sensors types, color, future designs of cameras, lenses and where technology is taking us.  This program was so good that it ran over and we had to finally make a mad dash to the vans for sunset.

The sunset was almost non-existent as heavy cloud cover rolled over Death Valley.  None the less we were out there and we did get some shots.

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