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Monday Was A Busy Day

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day three PODAS090

Artist Palette Shoot

Monday was a very busy day.  After Monday afternoon’s program by Bill Atkinson everyone headed to their vans and took off to a number of different locations.  Two vans including mine went to Artists Drive and particularly the Artist’s Palette.  This is an area of Death Valley that is aptly named because when the sun in late afternoon hits this particular mountain area it glows with reds, golds, green, and many hues of blues.  The group was all over shooting and some walking quite some ways to get the shot they wanted.  Other groups went to the dunes area, Zabriskie point and Badwater.  What has been amazing the last few days is how the group of 25 attendees has come together.  Unlike other workshops we made a point to keep the group together.  This means instructors, attendees and staff have many opportunities to discuss photography, share techniques and to enjoy seeing each others images.  Tuesday will be a full day with morning photography, a workshop by Mark Dubovoy on technical cameras, Claus Molgaard on digital imaging technology.  After dinner on Tuesday we will hold an instructor panel where the group can ask each and all instructors questions.  Stay tuned we have a few more days to go.  By the way the images we are seeing are amazing.

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One thought on “Monday Was A Busy Day

  1. Hi,

    I have been struck by the images so far of partiicipants hunched over to see through the camera viewfinder with the camera on a tripod. The tripods seem to have reserve height capability, both in unused leg extension and through the center post. So I wonder why many cameras are set so low??? It doesn’t seem as though the scenes should require the low perspective.

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