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About This Blog – About The Pictures

Thank you for following this blog over the last week.  The Blog was posted so interested people could follow and see what attendees were doing at the PODAS event. It’s amazing how many people have watched what we have been doing.  For the most part I have received nothing but positive feedback about the event.  It seeems though that some people look at this blog and the photos and think they are indicative of what was shot with the Phase One camera gear.

The images posted on this blog are basically snap shots for lack of better words to show what attendees were doing the instruction and fun in progress. These ARE NOT final images from Phase One cameras or the attendees.  They were shot by me with a small camera while I was shooting with my Phase One camera for the sole purpose of showing attendees in action and how much fun everyone was having.  The couple of Phase One images that are on the blog are by me showing a landscape or a quick model shot.  Downsizing and changing color space for blog images downgrade some of these shots considerably. Please enjoy the blog and see what the workshop entailed and do not make judgments on the photography based on shots made for a blog.

Many comments were made about the model shots.  This was not a fashion shoot.  Just an opportunity to take some people pictures, which most landscape shooters never do.  The images taken at the location and by the hotel pool were not included on the post and are exceptionally good, not to mention the fun had by all.  Look for these when we post the gallery. Once again what I showed on the blog was to document attendees taking pictures and the environment we were photographing in.

Also, at this time we have not posted any images shot my instructors, staff or attendees using the Phase One gear.  We do hope in the near future to post a gallery on the Phase One web site showing off the quality and versatility of the images captured by everyone at this event.  Many attendees will be working on the excellent images taken for weeks to come.

We have a lot of interest in future PODAS workshops.  We will announce these through several channels when we have decided on locations, instructors and such.  In the meantime if you’d like any information about the PODAS event you amy email: podas@phaseone.com

Thank you for visiting our blog.  We tried something different in many respects and all of us can say it was a remarkable experience.


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We Close Out A Great Event

PIerre who came all the way from S. Africa

PODAS winds down.  Thursday was the last day of the PODAS Death Valley experience.  After an afternoon of working on images attendees were asked to contribute images to the workshop slide show and also to provide 2 images for their 30×40 prints.  We had a final farewell Steak Bar B Q that evening.  And, believe it or not we were in the desert and it rained.  What are the chances of that happening?  After dinner we all returned to the seminar room and we had closing ceremonies.  Each attendee received a group shot and a certificate for participating.  Many attendees purchased a Phase One system while at the workshop.  The first few purchasers were rewarded with special prizes like books and prints from the instructors.  Following the formalities everyone settled in for a 20 minute slide show featuring the highlights and works on the attendees during the last few days.  Then we all said our good byes.  One thing is for sure we all have a number for new friends.  The event was a special experience for all who attended.

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Now That You Got It what Do You Do With It

Bill Atkinson teaches print mounting

It’s Thursday and the workshop is winding to a close.  The last classroom workshop we decided should be a special one.  It was titled, Now That I Got It What Do I Do With It.  The concept is that everyone took so many great images what do you do with them when you are home.  This part of program all instructors were part of.  They focused on book publishing, print making, web galleries, and display prints.  Bill Atkinson gave a demonstration of mounting a canvas print that had everyone in awe.  perfection mounting to a tee.  The afternoon is free time for attendees to prep their images.  Each attendee gets 2 -30×40 inch prints and they will provide those to Phase One on jump drives that were provided.  Thursday evening there will be a bar-b-q and closing ceremonies as well as a slide show with everyones images and candid shots made during the workshop.

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Chief Technologist Shoots With PODAS Attendees


Claus Molgaard

In Phase One’s efforts to make PODAS a remarkable experience we decided that we should have our chief technologist Claus Molgaard participate.  The thought behind this was it would do both attendees and Phase One good.  The attendees benefit to be ale to talk to and have conversations with Claus.  Phase One benefits as Claus gets to see how Phase One systems are used in the field.  I know we learned a lot and that every day Claus was on email back to his team on things that could be improved or fixed.  But all would agree it was a darn nice pleasure to have Claus and his smile with us. He shot next to everyone and was always there with suggestions and a helping hand.  I don’t know of any other company that would send someone like Claus out to the field to see how the gear is actually be used.

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Photographing Models In The Landscape

CF006135So, on Wednesday afternoon and evening we decided to shake things up a bit and break the routine of shooting just landscapes.  Now we were going to put models in the landscape and boy did we have fun.  Four models from las Vegas arrived and we took them and the whole workshop group out to Artist Palette.  The sun was setting lighting both the models ina  nice warm glow and the mountains behind.  we split into small groups and just had fun.  This was also a chance for us to test the NEW phase One leaf shutter lens with the P65+ and P40+ with sync shutter speeds up to 1/1600th of a second.  It was great to watch Claus Molgaard’s face as he smiled wide as we did the shots and everything works beyond expectations.  All in all it was a chance to break out of the routine and shake things up a bit.  A number of the attendees returned to the hotel and did some around and in the pool shots with the models.  Bottom line was – FUN.


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Photographing A Ghost Town

day three PODAS065

Rhyolite Ghosts

On Wednesday Morning we decided to take a field trip with all five vans and everyone to Rhyolite an old ghost town outside of the park.  What a fun experience this was.  The area was large enough that the group spread out all over.  Everyone seeking their own shots.  The town consisted of old ruins and a mine. In addition a short trip down the road was an outdoor art museum with sculptures and all sorts of interesting objects to photograph.  Fun was had by all.  Before we left for the hotel we did a group shot shown on the previous post.

Now would be a good time to tell you that most of the images in this blog are documentary shots of the attendees and what we were photographing. After the event is over we will post images from all attendees on a gallery page.

The rest of the morning was FREE time to relax, work on images and get to know others.  As we move through this week it is really fun to see everyone getting a long so well and getting to know each other better.  Wednesday afternoon and evening will be a model shoot.  We want everyone to experience photographing people and we have four models that will joining us so we can photograph them in this great environment.